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    Was wondering if anyone knew where to get service manuals for a Coleman Furnace. Came across one that I diagnosed as having a bad inline induced draft motor. Of course like always in our field the way it is installed into the flue vent you can only get to 2 of 4 screws that hold it in place. Maybe I am missing something but it appears to me that when it was aseembled they positioned the motor wrong into the flue making acess to the removal screws next to impossible. Or maybe someone knows a trick for removal of this motor assembly.Coleman Model# DGAA070. This is a downflow furnace in a mobile home application. Any insight greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Contact your local Coleman wholesaler. They can get you a complete set of installation, service and parts breakdown of their equipment. Cost may be around $100.


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    Thanks for the information MechAcc.

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    3 screws, 2 on the top, one wll hidden one the bottom. Get yourself a better set of tools, youll need em. Short, long, shorted, longer...

    By the was Dgat Colemans are under a recall, you know this right?
    You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

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    I am having coleman troubles to , a friends furnace, hers is covered by the recall.... go to the coleman website for a list of dealers in your area

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    Thanks Chad was getting ready to break out Sawzall with metal blade. Did here about the recall from the dealer today on their heat exchangers. Thanks for the info. on removing the induced motor. Was put in a unbelievable location, but use to that in this field. If it was easy anyone could do it right. Thanks again.

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