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    bryan l Guest
    Okay I am a fridge guy and dont do any build automation but if you want cheap, reliable and easy, could you not just use a Belimo damper motor and a floating point controler, or a 2-10vdc,0-10vdc, 2-20mA space temp controler?

    Very cheap, Very tough and low tech.

    Just a thought, but I might be WAY off. What do I know about Chilled water? Not much I could freeze it for you

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    Yes Bryan ...exactly, actually this TBS/Baysys ZN1063 is 4
    to 20ma and the actuator is Honeywell but just like a belimo, Its cheap and simple. Pretty good stuff I hear

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    Where are you guys looking up this stuff?

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    http://www.tcsbasys.comclick on products link

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    Do you have a link to the price list?

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    Ive worked on quite a few different systems, There are loads of stand alone controllers you could use, designed for 'fan coil's'. I recently fitted a siemens controller for about 120.00, it uses wax valves and phase cut control. There are loads of 'signal converters' on the market for under 100 if you want to use existing valve actuators.
    Another option is the 'electro-controls' PI-controllers. Nothing fancy but have found them to be relyable, you will need a small panel to house the pcb,s in though. They offer vast range of sensors and outputs to suit your need and are very resonable. An optimiser or other stand alone controler would probably cost in the region of 700 but I wouldnt think you would need it on a fan coil unit. Good Luck

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    I would use the honeywell t775 with the modulating output it is easy to program and very reliable. I have installed several of the t7350 thermostat but not used the modulating output yet. I like those very well also. very cost effective.

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