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    "...cap tube itself cannot change its flow rate..."

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    It modulates, according to the load however not efficeintly. I'm done with it, I almost got booted because of this thread so I'm going to become more agreeable.I apolegize to anyone I may have offended.

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    Thank You Svtti

    Thank You,

    For posting that info it is pretty much what I was saying, although I think they will still argue their mute point.

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    I was at no time offended, to the contrary I was amused and entertained. although one of my remarks may have been, my apologies
    HVAC Contractor, Tyler Texas.

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    how did you guys know i was coming?you guys have been waiting on me,ain't ya?? a cap tube system today,and i'm learning......would this explain why when i pressured lines i had equal pressure on both sides????i pulled vacum it held and pressured it up and thought i had leak.....................

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    neither the orifice or a piston have a bubble point, correct me if I am wrong.

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