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We have the blind leading the blind here on this post as well as many other posts. When will you guys learn some applied theory and become real technicians?

Go to the "For Your Interest" area on the main page and there you will find a series of articles on both the theory behind and the practical application of properly charging systems.

doing the best i can do norm......troubleshooting over the net and it was getting late....and as far as that i must of been tired cause i told him 1/4 ounce per foot and not half.....anyway i have worked for numerous contractors and everyone of them had different method.....now i have my method....putting them in everyday....if you would like you could stop by and i will take you on some tours of completed jobs and you can check the charge on mine....i think you will find i know superheat and how to charge air conditioner.....if not,well then maybe you can show me how real techs. do it?