had a customer ask me today about 13 seer and mobile home equipment....not sure about the answer...he has 3-ton unit janitrol approx. 16 years old....i am changing furnace out and he tells me a.c. has leak,he had to have it charged up last year....get all the juice out and i have close to 7 pounds...go to pull a-coil and it's plugged...anyways they want to know if they decide to wait...i;m not sure i can get that big of....nevermind i found what i was looking for...i can get the coil in there...anyways i don't think he had a leak...i think it was a gas and go...i was telling him about the new eficency standard at first of next year.while your here though can any one tell me what efficenency he has with the janitrol mod#36-1e...from the 89 time era with cap-tube coil?