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    Does anyone know if there is a labor allowance for a nordyne 80+ furnace? the motor is covered but I have been told that there is also a $250.00 allowance for labor, nordyne is saying no! please help.

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    Which brand of Nordyne are you repairing? On most equipment there is x amount of years on parts and a 90 day labor allowance from startup. Usually around $30.00 for a motor replacement. The $250.00 allowance is if the compressor or heat exchanger fails in the first 5 years the complete unit will be changed for that amount on some brands.
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    30 bucks for motor replacement, $250 for major components and a whole lot of frustation from the property owner is exactly why to avoid getting involved with modular equipment warranties. Here in the land of mod housing they are a fact of life we have to deal with. We occasionally have to replace one and repair them all the time. I tell HO straight up I wont get involved with the manufacturer and their warranty programs and why. Supplier advised today there will be a near 20% price increase on the way for their Evcons. Do you spose they are going to take part of that 20% and raise the labor allowance or just pay for that steel hike and whole big batch of HE they're eating now?
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    Did you purchase an extended warranty,if not you are only going to get the part the company that put it in they should know what to do.

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    Frank speaks the truth. We started doing coleman warranty work 3 years ago. I have had a very diffucult time collecting on my repairs. I just sign on with nordine last month. The up side is you can explane to the customer the problems of collection most of the home mfg understand the problem. They let me bill them. and sometimes we bill the sales lot it's good to get your repair stickers on the units. Most of these units will fail and they will need you. I carry lots of parts for both brands of furnaces and I think I am one of the few that understand the blend air systems in our area. You will never make good money doing these warranty calls. I just like specilizing in this field

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    on residential units: part covered,no labor. $250. labor allowance is for complete replacement under the quality pledge. mobile home: 1 yr parts & labor 10 yr heat exchanger part only

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