I want to replace the heat pump sytem in my two story, 2000sq. ft. house. 1000sq.ft up, and same downstairs. I have single compressor, split system with one thermostat downstairs and one cold air return downstairs. I have had five proposals and thought it would be simple to compare oranges to oranges and prices. However, I got proposals for three different type systems. 1)Two 2-ton heat pumps, two air handlers,(one in attic), two thermostats and two cold air returns. 2)One 2 and half ton heat pump, one air handler, two thermostats and two motor operated dampers out of the air handler. 3)One 2 and half ton heat pump, one thermostat, one cold air return and one air handler with a variable speed fan. There are two people in the house who both sleep upstairs during the same hours. I want to ensure that I don't need to close the downstairs registers to force a/c upstairs during the summer.
If anyone has any info or even opinions on which setup, never mind price, might serve me better I would appreciate hearing from you.