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    We are quoting a building that has 8 Trane rooftops and are adding 6 more. The owners are looking for a management system, trane is what the spec calls for but they are only asking for the touch screen display. This will not give them full access to the system, I assume, we are going to offer an alternitive lon system. Do the new trane rooftops have lon capability and can we just daisey chain them together into a front end. Our company sells tridium but I have access to honeywell also. What is better and probably more important less expensive or is there a better way to do the building. I put in a Reliable controls system a few years ago in a similar building on some Lennox units and the customer ( same company but different plant) seem to be happy with it. That system only did set back control and supply and return temps. If I can tie into the trane units without a controller that would be very nice.

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    You sure get alot of opportunities for this type of thing...

    Trane keeps the devices stupid. What I mean is that they don't contain schedules/trending/alarming like Circon or other LON type controls. Actually similar to H-well with the Excel 10 stuff.

    Anyway, you need either a node with a clock/schedules (ilon100 is an excellent choice) or something inexpensive like Circon Visual Integrator (software) to schedule these clunkers. With VI you will probably need to have a MAC scheduler node (or similar) to bind to the Trane RTU's.

    Use any LNS program like LM/windows or Circon NI to make your database.

    If they pop for VI you can make a template for the Trane units and every time VI sees a Trane RTU it makes a graphic for it.

    Otherwise it's the ilon100. Which would be really good if they would make a nciSetpoints field in Webgen. Writing your own code isn't so bad for that.

    I'd lean toward the 100.

    NOTE to Lonboy- anytime you guys want to add that to Webgen feel free.

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    I have a Honeywell Q7400 thermostat on my home network and used the iLON100 plug-in to add nciSetpoints from the Q7400 node object to the iLON100 as an NVE. Then, I started WebGen and added the NCI datapoint to my web page. Of course, it's structured data so you need to know which byte is which, but it worked fine. Which version of WebGen are you using?

    It'd be nice if we could add configuration properties (CP's) to the web page too but you'd need access to the LNS database for that. Let me know what you'd like to see in future versions and I'll pass it on to the iLON guru's.

    A hundred million nodes - it's a LON story.

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    My demo will be up soon.... I do the same thing. It would be nice to have a "field selectable" variable.

    Our previous solution was to write a JavaScript library and a series of templates that let us generate graphics quickly.

    We had made off-screen input fields (like WebGen) and link them to on-screen DIV tags using DHTML and other JavaScript effects. Our own library generates the WebGen html tags and positions everything on-screen dynamically based on a JavaScript configuration routine. Our setup also contains a dynamic equipment viewer. (using the same technique)

    With the previous version we had to tweak the WebGen js library to adjust for issues with read requests stacking up, etc.

    e2 solves these problems and now we make direct calls to the iLon using JACK.

    JACK is a nice guy.

    I do have a grocery list... I'll forward it to you.

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