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    Do any of you ever run an ad saying......... "If any idiot who is not us ever ever trys to sell you a furnace or an A/C system..... Call me for an HONEST 2nd opinion". Worded correctly, well, I don't know if it would work or not.
    My doctor gave me six months to live, but when I couldn't pay the bill he gave me six months more.
    Walter Matthau

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    Tired of the same old bubba tech, then when your ready for a real professional design call....
    'Life begins with the journey each day'

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    "If heatin' & coolin' troubles what ya gots
    then ya gots to call Spotts!"


    don sleeth - HVAC-Talk Founder
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    I seen commercials wher "bubba" comes out yadda yadda, then the real techs come and save the day....I worked for this comp, but it was mainly aimed at the Appliance side.

    I have seen "Free second opinion on condemed equipment" call us today! ads

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    "If you have to ask how much it cost, then you can't afford us!"

    "Call us for a sunshine deal. We'll shove it up where the sun don't shine."

    "We cut corners on so many jobs last year that we can pass the savings on to you."

    "You play ball with us and well give you the bat."

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    Being that 2nd opinion has gained alot of new customers for my company. It would be nice to be able to place a few adds telling everybody to get a 2nd opinion due to some of the dishonest people out there. Problem is; theres no simple way to do it with out ending up in court.

    Your doctor tells you, you only have 6 months to live. How many people would go for another opinion. I would say 99%. So why is it that so many people are so secure with their first opinions when it comes to heating & ac? Granted; the vast majority of contractors are honest, but there are some who take advantage at every opportunity.

    Sooner or later, word gets out on who can't be trusted but in the meantime there are people getting taken, who really should'nt have to spend this extra money.

    I hear that sex offenders may soon have their pictures placed for the public to see. Its too bad that the same thing could'nt be done with the dishonest contractors out there.

    "Attention Homeowners! Have you recently been informed that your existing heating or air conditioning equipment is beyond repair and needs replacing? Were you shown proof beyond a doubt, or are you simply planning on taking their word for it? Before spending all that money, why not contact us and allow us to give you a second opinion. If your equipment is really in need of replacement, we will thoroughly explain the reasons and physically show you the cause. If you wish, we will then sit down with you and explain the costs & advantages of the different systems available to you. Once you have decided on this equipment, we will perform a heat loss/gain on your home, in order to properly size the equipment.
    If you have reason to believe that your first opinion was then incorrect, it would be in everyones best interest for you to contact the Better Business Bureau and lodge a complaint.
    We hope to hear from you soon!"

    Of course every other contractor in town will have you in court claiming you were talking about them and they are now losing most of their business.

    If you like to spend money needlessly feel free to continue contacting "Ben Dover Htg and Clg". If you want to keep your money in your pocket give us a call."

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    Wink Re : Sales Idea

    Tell them "You tried the rest, now call the best" and also "Quality doesn't COST, it PAYS"
    RAM Teaching Tomorrows Technicians Today.

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