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    We have been using lonstation to control our AC's for the past two years. When the system was installed it was also hooked up to several other systems, for instance, lighting, battery chargers, and co sensors to kick on our air exchange fans.

    What we have is lonstation talking to two excel15 building managers, and one excel 15 plant controller.

    They in turn work some Square D breakers thru IO ports.

    The square d breakers should react to input from the building manager, which shows up on my lonstation screen.

    I'm lost as to how the building managers/plant controllers signal the square D breakers.

    If you know anything about these systems please respond.

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    "They in turn work some Square D breakers thru IO ports.
    The square d breakers should react to input from the building manager, which shows up on my lonstation screen."
    Are these LON Square D breakers? You lost me a little at this point.

    The SquareD I/O ports?

    Do you have LonSpec?

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    I do not know the Honeywell system, but Square D breakers may be integrated using Modbus communications or the Square D Symax (I think) protocol. I interpret your post to suggest that the I/O port is a port from the Honeywell device to the Square D network, and if that is the case, it may be that Lon's view of the Square D breakers is mapped to the Honeywell device, while the Honeywell device is performing protocol translation to Square D. There are third party gateways available that convert Square D's protocol to Modbus if Honeywell does not support Symax.

    The best way to start is to follow the I/O path from the Honeywell to whatever, noting what gateways or parts may be between Honeywell and the breakers. If the system is similar to what I have described above, you may have two points of possible failure - one from a disconnection between Lon and Honeywell, the other some breakage between Honeywell and Square D.

    Is this a case of they used to work, or they should work?

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    The LCBS platform does not support Third party binding using lonspec ,so I assume the lighting control switching is done through traditional hardwiring. The building manager likly uses a simple time sched or one of the devices has a light level sensor and some programmed logic to lower lighting levels or switch lighting loads based on ambient lighting levels. When connected to the network go to the device list and right click on each device and select monitor. When the monitor screen displays, on the lower left corner of the device window click the loops button, this will pull up the logic for the device and you can see what is programmed in each. Use the help button when needed.

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