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    Anyone see it? This is the PR.

    The 2005 International AHR show has wrapped up for another year. The show in Orlando proved very successful for Circon.

    For years there have been discussion about Building Automation system interoperability. However, when push came to shove, no company was brave enough to actually do it in public. All that changed this year with Circon’s “Den of Interoperability”.

    Circon accomplished the following on a common Lonworks network on display for all to see:[*]32 competing Lonworks based products from 22 different manufacturers.[*]2 different front-end packages - Circon Visual Integrator and Plexus.[*]Our marketing personnel constructed the actual demonstration.

    The result? Everything worked, right out of the box. No 'mice behind the scenes'. Circon simply did what we said you can do with a real open system.

    Circon Interoperability. Open and Simple.

    Furthering the commitment to open systems Circon has unveiled a new Access Control solution. A 10,000 user APC-300 multi-door control module. In addition, a corresponding Access Integrator 3 interface solution. Versatility to run as a stand-alone application or complete integration into LNS based networks on larger facilities requiring multi-tenant services, elevator control and full anti-passback functionality.

    Existing Circon customers were pleased to see the release of the new Access Control products. New and prospective customers gained valuable insight in Circon's diversity in many areas of automation, along with expert product development procedures.

    Both products generated interest beyond our highest expectations. The Access control product line will be a great sucess and the Circon development staff is very proud of this new product line.

    If we saw you at the show, thank you for stopping in and for continuing to support us. If we missed you this year, we hope to see you at the next show and look forward to it. If you have questions on our “Den of Interoperability” or on the new products unveiled in Orlando, Circon looks forward to hearing from you. Remember that there is a LonMark BOS tour stop coming soon to a city near you ( and this is an excellent opportunity to bring in customers to learn more about LonWorks, LonMark, Open Systems and Circon. Please consider this an invitation and Circon hopes to see you there!

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    AHR Circon

    Not only did I see it .... I took it for a test drive! It was real, all worked effortlessly. Could not believe my eyes ..... a vendor with all their competitors products on display and plugged in and working!! never see that at a BacNET booth.

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    Isn't that something... first post out of the gate to this one....

    OK -I'm game.. what did you like in particular?

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    I wish I stopped by and looked.We do alot of Trane controls and are taught to "stay away from LON" and "BACnet is the only way to go". Don't get me wrong I like Trane controls and BACnet. However in many applications there are gaps that need to be filled. The more I look at LON to fill those gaps the more I am impressed. There is a few contractors in our area installing Distech. I haven't seen in this area.But I am told its here.You answered my question - what is Circon commitment to LON. I saw that Circon had a lot of devices listed on People is this forum seem to like it from what I can tell. I'm going to tract down the Rep for this area and find out more.

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    missed it.

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    Smokies, I don't know if Jack Joyner H/C is in your area but they do some Circon and Honeywell.

    Trane would say "BACnet is the only way to go". It's the only adverstised protocol as open that allows manufacturers to close off complete subsystems from competition. Next best thing to proprietary... proprietary/open.

    LON is a device level protocol. BACnet is still really a supervisory level protocol. That's why you see BCU's and GC's with vendors that advertise BACnet. Also, BACnet has no common network tool, so individual vendors have another way to stay closed off.

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    Thanks sysint - I'll try to look up Jack Joyner. The name sounds fimiliar, I think he did a school job here recently. Is Circon setup with territories. Some companies do some don't.

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    Smokies- Circon is a Lonworks control vendor.

    Since Lonworks is open territories don't do alot of good. So, there are none for Circon. Although, they won't sign up everybody under the sun right on top of each other.

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