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    I'm putting a dryer vent on the second floor of a new home and would like to know if there are any code restrictions in (Taunton) Massachusetts that would prevent me from running it up to the attic and out an eave vent. The only installs i've seen run into the attics have been in second floor condos where fast- paced sub.'ing was obvious and the flex blew right into the attic. I was thinking of putting a cleanout tee on it, too. Any suggestions?

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    Call your local mechanical inspector and ask them what is code for res. dryer venting.
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    All the ones I've seen come out the side wall along the joist space. The termination is almost unseen.

    Why would you want to dump all the lint in the attic ?
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    1- our local inspector accepts calls Mon-Thur 7-8am only and i figured i'd get a fast response, but so far i've gotten 2 useless ones, because 2- I didn't say i wanted to blow it in the attic. CAN I GET SOME HELP PLEASE? i don't think i asked a tough question.

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    sorry, guys, i know you're pro's but i was expecting a more helpful answer.

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    If you vent it to the attic, and expect the eve vents to allow venting to the outside, For forget it.

    Look at the typical termination. Size of the slots.
    Then look at the opening of the eve vents. Your going to plug up and be BLOWING it in the attic.

    You didn't really ask a tough question, Just one that doesn't make since.
    Around here they no longer allow the fart fans to be vented over to the eve vents. They have to be exhausted out the roof.

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    NFPA 211 deals with venting gas dryers. The mechanical codes are pretty vague on dryers but you do need to check locally because you live in Taxachoosetts. Unfortunately, your state has some severely restrictive codes and they can be administered by not who you think. For instance, the plumbers control gas fireplaces. The approval process adds months and costs hundreds of dollars unnecessarily for copies of listing reports and such. Total crapola.

    General guidelines:
    Use metal rigid smooth duct with broad radius curves. Tape joints--no screws. Must be grounded. As long as you use a soffit termination, which I think you were alluding to, you should be fine as long as it isn't near other mechanical intakes. The guys were thinking you proposed dumping all that warm moist air and lint into the attic where it would kill your attic insulation's R-value, make a mess, and grow goobers. However, you may have a problem with sizing due to such a long run.

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    This has some info on dryer venting in general. The dryer is on second floor, I assume. Could go through the floor joists to outside wall. Could go out roof with vent cap like batroom vents, but in cold climate you'd want to insulate that piping.
    If you're near the end of house, could go out gable end with wall cap.
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    make most of the run out of 6" smoke pipe

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    buy a code book and read it.

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    thank you to all who helped me. I will be able to run it 8' up to the attic and 4' right over to an approved soffit vent. thanx again

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