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    Do you think their records should stand?

    Barry Bonds

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    Canseco's book due out, more fun yet to come.
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    Steriods have been around and used for more than 40 years, people are just niave.

    It is just now coming to the surface because of the abuse factor. People think you will have huge muscles if you are on the sauce, nothing could be further from the truth. Differant sauce for differant results, depends what you want the body to do.

    Point is, people for years have been using steriods and flying under the radar.
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    I think Barry Bonds is the best player to ever play the game. I was priviledged to see Bonds play nightly during the late 80's and early 90's. The man has phenominal talent, even as a young man he could drive the ball out of the park almost at will. Steroids or not 700 homeruns is an incredible feat, especially when he may only see 1 hittable pitch a game. My only complaint with Bonds is that he couldn't throw out Sid Bream at the plate off a dink by Francisco Cabrera in shallow left field. That still pisses me off after 14 years.

    I agree with hvac r us 2, steroids are nothing new.
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    I can't stand Bonds, besides the fact he is a first class jerk, he always tanked in the playoffs.
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    Thier playing in an era with better everything except pitching, and they cheat, pigs at the trough. I don't think the records should stand, or at the least they should have one of these next to them (*) or maybe two (**). When you compare records to old players like baseball does you have to be reasonable, you know same-same or as close as possible. Well thats my two cents worth, oh and by the way i'm typing much faster since I started my steroid treatment. Pretty soon i'll break all the records around here, then we'll talk contract baby. HVAC-TALK hall of fame here I come. You guys better bulk up or your gonezo.
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