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    Last night (2-9-05) at about 5 or 6 p.m. CST I was reading several posted replies to my original post "Takeoffs at Plenum are Different Temps"

    I was going to print them out when I got home, but when I logged on around 11 p.m. last night, the posts don't show up anymore.

    And today they're still all missing, and it's showing the latest post to that topic as being from 2-8-05 when that's not correct. Most of the replies had been posted yesterday.

    Anyone have this happen to them before?

    That's really disappointing, 'cause the answers were really good. Now I don't have any of the answers to my question.


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    It looks like the board was restored from a backup - it was refusing connections for a while, and after it came back some recent comments were missing. Perhaps a problem with a disk at the hosting company.

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    Drat - so much for my time posting photos in order to get responses back, and the time people took to answer my question. The info I had gotten was very good, and I was going to print out for my contractor to take a look at.

    I wonder how I can get the same people to post back again?

    Just my luck something like this would happen. My house remodel has been nearly nothing but one problem after another.


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    Just post everything again.
    I know it's a pain, but it is worth the trouble.
    The same people will probably repost, as soon as they see yours.

    The servers are pretty reliable, all things considered.

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    I had replied yesterday with:

    2 possible reasons for colder air on the one duct.

    1. If the cooling coil base is leaking air around the coil where it attaches at the furnace, the colder unheated bypass air will go out the duct on that side. A thermometer reading just above the base on the downstream side will show that.

    2. Depending on coil configuration, if the system is not properly charges and the downstream refrigerant flow is on the side where the colder duct is, the air will not be as hot when leaving on said side.

    Hope this helps, makes it to the thread, and please post back as to what you find.

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