First of all I want to thank the professional members who take their time to educate each other and homeowners like me about the important issues of selecting the right contractor and relative benefits of different equipment options.

I'm building a new 3139 sq ft house in Bakersfield, CA (hot dry summers and mild winters). Based on much of the feedback on the this site I have decided to go with a lower efficiency split system (probably not over a 13 SEER with a TXV, and 80% heating rating).

But I have been convinced that there is some benefit of a two speed or variable speed system in terms of increased comfort.

I see that some manufacturers do not offer 2 speed or variable speed in their lower efficiency units.

Could you list some of the manufacturers that do offer 2 speed or variable speed units in a 12 or 13 SEER and 80 AFUE?

Thanks very much.