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    Does anyone have any experiences with combination water/space heating?

    Let me know if I got this right: Essentially the water heater heats up to 140F and delivers 140F to the HVAC unit to a heating coil for space heat, then that line returns back to the water heater. Domestic water is tapped separately from the tank at 140 and mixed down to 120 to serve the sinks, showers, washing machine, etc.

    What are some of the pros & cons of using such a system? Would you recommend an uneducated owner use it in their house?

    Thanks in advance -

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    A link to what I'm talking about:

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    They seem to be popular in the multi-family uses. Not too common around here though we do have a few customers in a condo complex with it. When you have such a small heat loss that even the smallest furnaces are too big, may make sense. We've had a couple that got tired of problems and replaced with conventional furnace.

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    While the combo HW tanks are cheaper then a boiler and indirect tank, they're still water heaters and probably only last 10 years if you're lucky. I've read many complaints on Bradford White's Combicor only lasting 7 years. (Warranty is only for 6 years) Other options: use a wall hung boiler. If you don't need much hot water, skip the indirect tank. The combo's have a flate plate HX to make hot water. Good for one bathroom. Need more water get an indirect tank off a small boiler. (not as cheap as a gas fired furnace with a seperate domestic HW tank).

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    I'm using one of these systems in my house with a Bradford-White power vented water and a First Co air handler. I don't remember the water heater model number, but it has separate taps on the top for domestic hot water, and on the side for heating system hot water. The water temperature is set at 130 F. The blower is on the lowest speed setting of 400 CFM for both heating and air conditioning. It works very well because my total heat loss is less than 20,000 BTUH and heat gain is less than 9,000 BTUH. The system has been troublefree.

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    We might even end up using a Noritz tankless unit to serve a bunch of condo spaces that are each serviced independantly. Only trouble is finding a gas tankless that has a blower run of more than 30 feet. Yes we do have a weird building layout with the mech rooms to the inside corridors.

    Thanks for the info so far, keep it coming.

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