I have been reading the questions & answers for awhile, and I have seen a lot of you recommending high ( +13 seer )
efficiency systems.
My question is: Are they really worth the money spent over the lifetime if the system

I read an article in one of the trade newspapers about a year & a half ago that indicated that any system over 12 seer was not worth the money spent, in other words, you would not recover the extra money spent on installation
in the savings that you get.

There was one post I just seen where an owner was trying to decide between contractors to install a 3 ton system w/ ductwork - prices range 8000 - 9000 dollars for high seer.
my complete installation for a ten seer would be less than 4000.00 - How long would it take for an owner to recoup 4000.00 in their utility bills ???

My main concern for high eff. systems is the repair costs.
considiering the life-time of the system, I can't help but believe that a 13 or higher seer which costs much more in
installation costs, would also costs much more in repair costs, and would not last as long as a 12 or under seer ?

Does anyone have information proving that a 13+ system will actually save the onwer money over the life of the system, and what savings can be achieved , and proof that the high eff. systems will lasts as long ????

I have dealt with one 13+ system where in less than ive years, the variable-speed blower drive went out & cost the owner $640.00 in repairs ( that a lower seer system wouldn't have had ) - Where did the energy eff. savings go ???

I teach Hvac at tech school, so I am very interested in learning as much as I can about this, so I can keep my students informed

By the way, if you want to learn Hvac, try teaching it.
Thought I knew alot, but have learned so much since teaching