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    I'm not sure who to ask, but is there any chance that all of the postings from yesterday afternoon into the evening can be restored? It appears that the server may have crashed yesterday evening and all of the posts from the afternoon are gone. There was a lot of helpful info (at least for homeowners, like me) that is gone. Any chance that it can be restored?

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    So I'm not just imagining things. I had a post in the Attic HVAC Issue thread disappear.

    Maybe Boss or BC1 will see this and let us know what happened. It's not the first time I've seen posts disappear, either.
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    Gentlemen, I am afraid your posts are in bit-heaven. please read here

    It doesn't happen often, but it happens.

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    Thanks Don. May they rip.

    Great pictures from your cabin. Wish I was half as good!

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    For me I would rather Don didn't try and bring them back.
    You see Loonie did me a favor that saved me some headaches so I said I owed him lunch. Now since the evidense is I really owe him lunch?? My lawyer says NO!
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