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    Is that you Sundog?? I think he got a new screen name - batdude - hhhhmmmmmm.

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    Who the hell is the chick in the white dress!!

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    Originally posted by mattm
    Who the hell is the chick in the white dress!!

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    Originally posted by bootlen
    Gee. I wonder why they were not indicted? Maybe something about, oh, I don't know, NO EVIDENCE!

    Get a life, man. Better yet...take a Valiun.
    Actually who was the first person to enter the Oval Office with a criminal record? (Note, I am careful here not to use the word "elected") So perhaps there actually was some evidence? Unlike post-constitutional America where no actual evidence required when the fuhrer says you're a terrorist you don't get charged, don't get a lawyer, don't get a trial but do get tortured. That goofy claim by the administration that the Geneva convention no longer applies aint doing any favors to our guys now in-country. Ironic this new crusade to spread freedom around the world while simultaneously eradicating it here. While closing hospitals and slashing the VA's budget.
    Used to jump both 130's and 135's. Ass-kicking planes, both. In my unit we always jumped weapon, ammo, full equip at night. Man, I can not BELIEVE the re-up bonuses guys in my MOS are now getting, up to 150 k. Trying hard to retain them so they don't become private contractors/mercenaries at 5 times the pay, no stop-loss and without the UCMJ hanging over their head, who can blame them?

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