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    Have any of U's had good results from using a slow release chemical drain pan treatment, such as Trains "Time-Release Pan Treatment"? 1-What product have you used that you know has made a notable difference? In our area clogs in condensate lines can be a problem no matter what you do!
    With our high summer humidity we are thinking about piping all drains 1". 2-How about odorants/deodorants in pan?
    In August/Sept. about 1/5 of our emergency calls are from
    condensate leaks.

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    Try Again

    I posted on this Tues., but both messages got wiped out or deleted. I know what your up against and how to help but am not going to bother typing it all again. Check my web site, old but still there, I live down the road from you and have some ideas. Call if you want, I'd be glad to help.

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    Use the BBJ products. To my knowledge the only product w/ EPA appoval -when you treat the coils, you automaticly treat the pans, last 6 months.

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