Having problems getting my suction pressures up. Here's the scenario.
I just recently took over a condo complex and while replacing condensing units I found the last service company talked the owners into three ton systems from two tons and didn't change the line sets. So I have a three ton running 140 feet on 5/8 line. 3/8 Liquid line until it goes into the building where it changes to 1/4 inch. Since these are rental units, the owners are cheap and don't want to spend what it would take to change out the systems back to 2 tons. As I see it, the evaps are starving. I can't get my pressures to balance out. Suction is running around mid 50's and the closer I get to sixty my head is going up over 325. One of my fellow tech's suggested changing out the fan to get more air across the coil but the air pressure is too great for ducts now. There is no way to pull new pipe, it's set in concrete walls for about 25 feet. Roughly 115 feet is exposed and I thought about changing it out to 7/8th but the 1/4 inch is still a problem. I thought about a receiver but
it would use the refrigerant up faster than I could get it into it.

Any Ideas?

Here's the latest one I'm changing out next week. 5 ton air handler, 3 1/2 ton condensing unit and 5/8" & 3/8" line set. Putting in new 3 ton system and changing line set.

The quality of work here would put your wall of shame to shame.

Anyone want to come down to work in Paradise where the ocean is a cool 85 degrees and the ambient never gets below 70 degrees. Summer rarely gets over 100 but you get used to it. We have 3 A/C companies down here and I swear not one of the techs ever went to A/C school. Real third world.
You can still get R-12 for $125.00 bucks a thirty pounder. EPA who? I could
probably get rich dropping dimes to the EPA if they did their job. When you see someone vent 12 systems and the EPA does nothing. Oh well,
Just another day in Paradise!

Anyone have any experience with Mitsubishi's City Multi. I attended two schools last year and selling my first one next month. At 25 cents a KWH it really pays for itself fast. I sell a lot of Mitsubishi mini splits and it is good equipment. A lot of junk coming in from China.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.