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    I'm a little confused should I tell the truth or should I hide the truth to protect the homeowner. I really don't care about the homeowner.

    Well believe it or not there are many people on this board that care very much about the Homeowner. Those people are the customers that we provide a service to and we do not cheat.
    Just like others out there, we are not in busniess to work for free and we are not in busniess to overcharge for our services.

    When it comes to carbon monoxide and someones health it is no joke , their furnace has the potential to kill them

    so we really do care about the homeowner

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    When you stop caring about the homeowner, thats when people get hurt.

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    When you stop caring about the homeowner, thats when people get hurt

    and thats when people get ripped off , sloppy work is done, and dangerous mistakes are made.

    we arent selling used cars here,

    And it only takes a few people that have no experience or education in this feild to convince folks that we are out to take advantage of them

    yep the initial cost of a furnace is a shock to some folks, but a good unit will last them for a number of years.

    instead of being concerned about the cost of a good quality unit and a installation team , I would be more leary ofthe 1 hour install guy that is selling you a furnace that was made in china

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    By the way ,if You do have a cracked heat exchanger you really have no other options other than to replace it with the best quality furnace you can afford.

    I just had to break this same news to a friend of mine that bought her house 6 months ago.
    There was a home inspection done and they said the furnace was in good condition, and she is havingtrouble believingit went bad in the 6 months she has been there

    Dont be suckered into believing that you do not need a new do.

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    As of now this is what I'm going with. Keep in mind this is for a 1,500 sq.ft. ranch.

    75,000 btu Heil variable speed furnace
    3 ton, 12 SEER Heil a/c unit
    3 ton 12 SEER Heil coil
    Honeywell electronic air cleaner
    Aprilaire humidifier
    All this for $1,500 less than the price in the original post. And this is from a well known company here in town, not some hack. I'm still waiting to get 2 more bids but this guy explained everything very well and was not pushy at all. He really seemed to care about the homeowner.

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