Early on my wife and I decided on a "ductless" range hood over the stove in our home under construction. Although this isn't very appealing because no moisture or odor would actually be removed from the kitchen, the decision was made based on the builder's assessment that exhaust duct would consume the entire cabinet over the stove, and the fact that another cabinet was being lost to an air return at the time.

Now after investigating myself, I find that the required duct is only 3.25" x 10"!! However, sheetrock and cabinets are in place. It seems running the duct horizontally through the wall and into the garage might still be a possibility at this point; then the duct could be converted as needed and run to the right to an outside wall within the garage. Straight up is into the second floor bath .

The only problem is a stud that is approximately in the center of the range hood space that has wires running down it. Most range hoods I've seen have the exhaust duct in the center, so the duct would intersect and sever the stud/wires if run straight through. Is it possible to split the duct around the stud/wires? What's the conventional way of handling this, even without the presence of wires?

These (fairly large) pictures show the cabinet wall before and after sheetrock: