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    Mammoth WSHP..diagnostic ??

    i had a F086HH L J 2 scroll comp unit cycled in AUTO/HEATwith temp adj off stat but no action on the compressors.......both solid state boards had steady green LEDs stat showed 2stages calling nothing up in the the green suppose to blink in normal mode?????? 100F entering loop water for wintr ops
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    Two different models (don't remember #'s) I have worked on LED status was

    Green on = 24 volts present

    Green on = normal operation

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    There are soo many versions of their stuff, but it could be something as simple as a manual reset high pressure control. sometimes they wire those in series with the start circuits, it depends on age, control version, application, etc. sometimes with those, you gotta follow the electrons. break out your meter and hopefully a wiring diagram, otherwise trace the wires to be sure. on others, they used an oversized compressor that pulled down to quickly and tripped the low pressure, but had no indication. it can only be found by watching your gages and checking the start circuit. Those had to have low pressure bypass timers installed aftermarket.

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