hmmmmmmm question. I have been on a unit all day but the following is the results tell me what you all think.
I arrived at the unit and this is what I found, supply temp 140 return temp 71 suction pressure 89 discharge 400+ LLT 142 sc14 SLT56 sh4 DLT183 duct static was .50 there were no restictions unit is 6 mo old we suspected bad comp it was replaced and unit was tripple evacuated and pulled to 570 microns it is acting like low air flow but it has the proper moter and is going the right direction coil is clean and filter is clean. so to recap this is a 3.5t h/p. we changed compressor,capacitor,contactor,and added drier pulled screen from pistons and checked pistons for proper size. pistons are correct air flow is good but still has pressures and temps not normal in heating. switch to cooling and unit is in perfect condition no problems. have a couple ideas and will wait to see what you say to confirm my suspicions