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    one of our final guys installed a drier backwards somebody told him its okey just turn the sticker the right this okey?

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    It could restrict quicker.

    It really doesn't take that long to cut it out, and put it in the RIGHT way.

    If it really didn't matter, they wouldn't put an direction arrow on it.

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    this is a joke right

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    If it were why would the mfg put a directional indicator on it ?

    They make bi-flow for heat pumps.
    The descecant(spell check)is in the drier where it needs to be for a reason.

    But atleast he did install one, I've seen compressor change outs done without them.
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    Driers have a directional flow marked on them for several reasons. The resistance to flow in the correct direction is lower and the distribution of the refrigerant through the filter media and dessicant is more uniform when installed correctly.


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