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    I have a Snyder General furnace manufactured in 1989. About every other year I have to replace the hot surface ignitor.

    This time it's not working. The old HSI was cracked, yet the new one is not functioning either.

    The heater used to make a distinct 'click' sound as it started sending power to the HSI. The HSI would begin to glow red-hot, and after a few seconds, gas would flow to light the furnace.

    Now, I don't hear that initial 'click', and the new HSI is not getting hot. It seems to be skipping the step of heating up the HSI. I've tested the current on the leads for the HSI, and it is not getting any electricity.

    Any ideas?

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    Get a service tech out and look at the system. If you can use a VOM meter see if you getting voltage to the HSI. If not you may have a bad board. Your best bet is to get a professional, THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN!

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    Sounds to me like the HSI may be ok , but the clicker may be bad. But then again it could be something ahead of the clicker that isn't allowing the clicker to get it's power. From what I can see your options are: 1) Start replacing parts til you get lucky .... or .... 2) Call for a service technician and get it right the first time.
    If it were me, I'd go for option # 2 just to save some time and aggravation.

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    the clicker.


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    No offense to the homeowner but, the Clicker is friggin' hilarious.

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    Thanks to everyone - the clicker is clickin again. Maybe something needed time to reset - who knows. We'll have heat tonight, and I'll be replacing the beast sometime this summer.

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    clickity clickity clickity click sssssssssVROOOOOOOOOOOOM!

    gentlemen we got ignition! Take off! they call that rocket engineering! especially when you reset the clicking from off to on, and kick start it. I had a harley like that

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    Hmmm... this clicker of yours worries me. If it stopped clicking and no repairs were made, it will most likely stop clicking again. Problems tend to get worse before they get better if they go unattended. It sounds like the HSI is ok. The pressure swicth or some other safety swicth may not have been closed. If they are closed there will be a click and power is then sent to the HSI. Further investigation of why the furnace didn't click may be needed. You may make it until summer but it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a professional come out and do a clicker test. Don't let Tom scare you, yes some times it can be expensive to replace a clicker module, but that is usually because the tech has to go to the supply store for a new clicker. I personaly have many clickers stocked in my truck, they come in a variety of colors and themes. My best seller is the red, white, and blue model that clicks the national anthem before making the HSI glow.

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    Originally posted by supremehvac
    My best seller is the red, white, and blue model that clicks the national anthem before making the HSI glow.
    That clicker sounds awesome! Can I get a discount if I buy a case? I'm thinking of giving them away as valentines gifts to my friends and family.

    My clicker has been working fine, however my clapper has been giving me some problems. Do they also make a designer series of the clapper?


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    Disconnect power, clean out the port where the draft proving switch sensing tube connects to the draft inducer housing. If not you'll need a tech.

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    the clicker

    sounds like the thinggy in the whatchamacallit is making a funny sound only when i am not here. i can't tell but could you come over to check it out.
    you guys crack me up early in the morning. i like it. great entertainment.

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