I've tried other forums (heatinghelp, boilerroom) but I am still undecided. I know you aren't psychic - but I'll settle for accurate info based on real world experience.

Application - New gas HW boiler w/ indirect fired DHW heater. Heat load = 50 MBtu/h, + DHW (1.5 ba, washing machine).
Single pipe & zone w/ circulator, diverter tees to cast iron radiators (not considering changing).
HDD ~ 7000 (Worcester, MA), Design Temp = -10F.

I understand condensing/modulating units w/ reset (Munchkin, Buderus,etc) - but I am unsure if enough condensing efficiency can be captured to offset extra cost. I understand low HWR systems (radiant) benefit 100% - but no one will speak to my application (CI rads & indirect loop).

Should I just go with a more reasonably priced 85% AFUE w/ reset? Are there any non-condensing, modulating boilers out there? Any one have any experience w/ similar setup? I have read everything - looking for some help!