Hi. I am new to the HVAC field. I spent three months as a purchasing agent for a heating company, and am now in the field. I like knowing as much as I can about the things I do, so I was hoping I could gather some resources for my new career. I'll basically be doing new construction and residential replacement, so anything along those lines would be fantastic. In the last three days I've helped hang a unit heater, watched while my lead man did some service-type work, and set two a/c's. I am a helper learning the trade and would just like to accelerate my learning curve. I know that there is no teacher like experience, but I feel that the more I know the more likely it is that my lead man will feel confident in allowing me those experiences more quickly. I looked high and low for a basic "how-to" guide on setting a/c's and furnaces, but so far have struck out. If anyone can lend a hand, it would be much appreciated. I hope to soon become a lead man myself and help mentor young men (and possibly women) in this field. Thank you.