first treatment:well i talked to their dr. and he looked at x-rays and my last m.r.i from aug. 03' and he said he can fix it....said the rest of spine looks good...put the medicine(gel) on my back,gave me some shock therapy on back,took like a buffer to it and massaged it,then put me on this table with belt around me and the table would separate while i had pistol grips to hang on stretched me about 16 times at like 60% i think they said....this girl giving me therapy said she had been there 2 and half years and only seen 3 people it didn't help....anyway the doc said i got a curve to my spine because of this and he's gonna straighten it out too....he said something about strength therapy so my back will be appointment everyday next week at 5 o'clock......just the hour drive getting there hurts me.the doc. said he is gonna make this happen and i'll be rockin'nrolln' in no time................i'm ready to get back to normal..