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    I have a new Carrier furnace and air conditioning system which was installed last June. We like the way it performs, the heat seems to be more even, the outdoor unit is very quiet etc. I really like the thermidistat, and I'm still learning how it functions. We use the night setback to 62 degrees, and it seems like the heat comes on about 50 minutes before the set time. Can someone explain the logic and the parameters that it uses to determine when to come on, whether to use hi heat or low heat etc.

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    Depends on how you have the thermidistat set up. (I am not a professional, just a homeowner with the thermidistat)

    Adaptive heat recovery is a function of the thermidistat highly beneficial for heat pumps. Thermidistat learns how long it takes to bring house to setpoint and will bring on the heating equipment early to be at your setpoint at your programmed time.

    You can disable intelligent heat recovery--doing so will simply bring on the heating equipment at the programmed time.

    Adaptive heat recovery will allow the heatpump to do the heating without having to use heat strips unnecessarily. Staging will depend on your equipment and settings.

    I do not know too much about the staging logic program, but the thermidistat knows fractions of a degree...The display will say 62 or 63, but the thermidistat knows if its 62.1* or 63.2*. Depending on how quickly you are warming from 62.0 to 63.0 high stage may be necessary.

    If you advance control by more than 5 degrees you will go right to high stage.

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