model number : CH0922
serial number : 0029274
ambient 40f
got a 12 year old machine never had a problem with it before.
ran call the other day on it. would run for 2mins then lock out with led 2 flashing.
outdoor ambient thermistor read open so ordered replacement.
replaced thermistor. it reads 13.5k ohms. unit will run but it will lock out as before. led 2 flashing.
pressures will more or less equalize the when it runs suction drops close to 10F. suction pressure starts to rise. then unit will lock out on led 2 flashing.
at a bit of a loss Tech support is so busy. hard to get on phone.
i am really lacking any sort of experience with sanyos.
does anyone have any good links to get the info which can help me resolve this situation.