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    Hey guys, have a 22-year old Magic Chef h.p. cant read #'s inside or out, a/h heaters just cooked completely, outdoor compresssor M#CRC4-0175 PFV, LRA 54 amps. Is this a 2-ton heat pump?

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    That old heap sure did its' job for the HO

    I'd call it a 2 ton. Usually comp is a hair smaller than nominal rating of the system.

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    Its a Copeland Compressor. They are pretty tough. I went thru the Copeland facility in Ohio in 1977 and walked into the RandD area ; they had a/c compressors on a rack running under extremely abnormal conditions such as : totally flooded, very high head pressure, low suction pressure, etc..with hundreds of hours of runtime on them. I was pretty impressed to say the least.

    That old Heat Pump of yours has lasted twice as long as they typically do.

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