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    Thats how many screws,nails,nuts,washers and miscellaneous junk that i've pick up of the roof on one building. We took over service on this place last year. They had thier own HVAC guys and got rid of them for sloppy or lack of work habits. Almost all service panels had only one screw holding them on. When we first started I asked the HVAC guy why no screws and he said it was a pain to put them on and take them off. He took apart some old units and was dropping everything on the roof and then walking on it. I asked him to do me a favor, he said sure so I asked him to please pick up the stuff off the roof, you're making me crazy and damaging the roof. He didn't like that, but to bad there is no excuse for that kind of work. Still after a year stuff is still being blown or washed out of areas around the units, and from under them where we can't get to. And what shape do you think the filters and belts were in and the hidden surprises like jumpers and wires crossed and who knew what else. But now we are just about set all 44 units up and running,what fun.
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    Frown Re : 300 and counting

    vmc1161 I totally agree with you and would tell that slob shape up or ship out. Another thing is no valve stem caps replaced, and gauge port caps missing. How long does it take to replace these items and replace panels.
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