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    There is something to be gained.

    Can you tell us how your brand ,achieves the same control of the system to dehumidify,that Infinity does?Did they find a way around the 29 patents ,that are in the control?

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    I think that was done because of rebates available by the power company(heat pump w/gas furnace). I've run into it some up here. In most cases i've seen, due to our weather the savings don't seem to justify the initial cost of the heat pump and future repairs. But with ng prices going up maybe that is going to change. Plus it is also personnel preference. Some like the consistant feel of gas heat nomatter the outside temps. Depends on what you like.

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    Wow 24 patents on a thermostat,

    Do you feel that the patents are what make it special and efficeint beyond compare.

    I see why they cost so much now they spend a lot of money getting thermostats patented

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    i'm with the good docholiday, research the ruud modulating 90.

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