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    Which is more efficient in a residential home? two 2 ton split units or one 4 ton unit? If you were to keep the temperature in both zones the same. Just wondering. What are the pros and cons of two versus one unit.

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    2 units= likelyhood of not 2 broken at same time, usually cost more up front; can operate independent of each other. 2 cost more for regular maintenance -- 2 should match loads better, say one for bdrm, one for else --

    more efficient to have unit running full load.

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    Also considder the SEER ratings of 2 through 3.5 ton systems tend to be much higher than with 4 and 5 ton systems of a similar product line.
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    Its going to cost more for 2- up front but thats the way I would go. Even tho your keeping it the same temperature the heat gain and loss is going to be differant from one part of the house to another so with 2 units it will be a little more even. Also depends on a little of how you divide it up with 2- units, up & down or split in half. Not sure what style house it is? I unit costs less.

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    2 heads are better than 1

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    Based on the original question
    2 2-ton units are supposed to have the same efficiency as 1 4-ton unit.

    You would get 2 units for other reasons than efficiency
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    Thats right, 48,000 btuh's produced at X SEER either by 2 units or one should be the same assuming the SEER rating is a system rating and not a coil only rating.

    That of course has nothing to do with comfort, control, installation costs or repairs.

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