We recently moved to south central Texas from the north and are considering the economics of cooling our 30 x 55 home manufactured in 2000. We plan on having a professional install a heat pump to save on heating costs over our present electric resistive furnace (reusing the existing furnace fan), but want to minimize it's use on the cooling side. So, we are looking at starting with additional ceiling fans and seeing how far that takes us. We may or may not add an evaporative cooler depending on summertime electric bills, etc. Any advice on ceiling fan manufactures, minimum RPM's to look for, ceiling fan placements, and auxiliary window fans?

If we jump to a window mounted swamp cooler (some locals use them and report they work OK around here), does anyone know of resources that help in sizing and placement? Can I expect to get a decent job of cooling done with only one cooler? I find only one hardware store that sells them and I would like to learn a little about the units rather than blindly trust the hardware store clerk.

Thank you in advance for any replies.