I am replacing my fan motor now and there is an extra wire that I am not sure what to do with. It is a replacement motor from AO Smith that is replacing a motor in a Rheem 90+ imperial furnace--it has an extra brown wire with white stripes. According to the diagram the white wire goes to line 1 and the brown/white wire goes to the capacitor along with the other brown wire. On the original motor the white wire went to the capacitor, along with the brown wire. The motor has this message on it " if a capacitor post is used to make common line 1 connection use same post that brown lead with white stripe is connected to" Where do I put the brown/white stripe wire?

Also, there are 4 other wires coming out of the motor--2 orange and 2 yellow. right now the orange is connected to the yellow and a yellow is connected to an orange--this is for CWSE if I want CCWSE than orange to orange and yellow to yellow. What does this mean--the direction of the rotation?

Any help would be nice before the cold sets in tonight--thanks.