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Thread: Bad ignitor ?

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    Hello -
    I have an 8-yr old Armstrong Ultra SX 80 forced air gas furnace with Honeywell controls. My blower runs, but the furnace quit lighting last night. I tried some diagnostics that I found on this site, and what I have so far is:
    1) I don't smell much gas, but that's probably due to the good airflow/draft.
    2) My vacuum line is clear with no condensation. The vacuum is fairly light, so I tested with manual suction. I can hear the pressure switch activating, but still no ignition.
    3) I hear no click from the spark ignitor. With an OHM meter, I get resistance through the 'sense' wire to the ignitor, but no change in resistance through the 'spark' wire.

    Is the ignitor a likely candidate ?

    Model # GUJ125D14-1A
    Ignitor tag: Honeywell 204470DB

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Not a DIY site. Sorry.
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    when was the last time you had it serviced?

    it could be many things, including a cracked or perforated heat exchanger(which is not healthy for anyone).

    save yourself some time and money and call a pro, not only to find the problem, but to ensure the safety and efficiency of your furnace.

    check with neighbors and family for a referral.

    good luck

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    sounds like abad diy vavle i had a couple go bad on that particular unit

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