Now I know there are some younger posters on this site, so give me your honest imput as I plan on being brutally honest about how I feel.

Since I have been on this backward country island I have been exposed to way too much of this techno crap. OK, I laid it out right off the bat...I think this stuff is crap.

Despite the fact that "techno" is Latin for "Chinese water torture" it has other irritating aspects. For one; why the hell do these cretans have to take great music from my era and screw it up?

I think the older Rock and Roll artists meant for their fantastic lyrics and rifts to be played exactly how many times they were originally recorded, not over and over and over and over until my head wants to explode!

I listen to what these alleged DJ's do to my old music and I want to rip their heads off! Yes, this stuff brings out the worst in me. When my music sounded the way these idiots make it sound I used to throw the album away because it was damaged beyond use. That is what these useless, untalented parasites have done; they have made very good music.....USELESS.

So....any other feelings out there?