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    Confused Trane Voyager gas pack

    I wondering if anyone has any info on the ignition control a Trane M/N# YCD241C4HNCB S/N 904100804D
    the ignition goes through normal paces the inducer motor starts in high the burner lights runs for about a min then the inducer drops down to low speed it will run for about another min then the board will drop it all out I do not lose the call for heat and the board does not go into a lockout I check the d/c voltage on the pins for the flame sensor and never drops below 7.79 until after the gas valve drops out I do not lose 24v through TCO1 or TCO2 or through the automatic high temp sensor
    I talked to a trane tech support and I think I stumped him if anyone has any input please let me know what you think

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    are you using this

    do you have the reliatel manual?
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    as usual I post before I searched for other threads on the subject I found a couple of threads were links were posted for more info I got that one and several others & put them on my thumb drive plan on going back up there and go at it again with the new info
    Thanks alot for the response I'll update on what I find

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    trane rtu

    Is the unit coughing an woofing? R u checking dc microamps,at the two test pins on the bottom of the ignition mod? It senses
    flame through the hot surface ignitor.

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    does cycling power make the problem go away?

    there was a service bulletin for a similar situation..but it was supposed to be fixed on units by serial numbers beginning with 827. perhaps yours slipped through or the problem is bigger than they originally thought or you got a replacement board before the fix from a parts distributor.

    call the local Trane office and ask for: RT-SVB35A-EN

    the service bulletin describes a field modification for the existing board.

    as always, make sure that the RTRM board is the latest version...i think it is up to version 8.'something' may be higher. the RTRM board is the almighty board, and yes, it can affect the ignition board.
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