We live in a converted barn of some size ..... The barn is outside Philadelphia and we live on two levels of 3000 square feet each. The first level has 8 foot ceilings, and the second floor level averages 12 foot ceilings - So a decent amount of volume to cool (maybe 60,000 cubic feet). The third floor is just a really big attic/club house for the kids.

I am going to install a/c for the house.
I also am thinking about adding a gas fireplace somewhere on the first floor as long as a contractor will be punching holes in ceilings. Does that sound like something an a/c contractor would do also?
Would it also be advisable to add a "whole house fan" at the same time?
And I am thinking that as long as more holes are going in, does it make sense to add those light tubes which bring outdoor ambient light down higly reflective tubes into the ceilings?

Thanks Tom