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    I've got a contractor telling me he had problems in a residence with high ceilings (13-14'). The t'stat was at 5' and the room wasn't heating properly. Since 5' is where the residents would be, I'm not sure locating the t'stat (or the t'stat sensor) higher would work. Any input?

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    i agree with you. it sounds like a sizing issue with his other experiences.

    out of curiousity, is his plan to raise them to 8 ft. and build a ladder to the wall so you can reach it?

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    Did the contractor want to raise the tstat?

    What kind of contractor was this?

    And what kind of heat was in the room?

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    High Ceilings

    With convection heat the warm air will rise near the ceiling . A ceiling fan will bring it back down to mix the air.

    Radiant heat works great for high ceiling , the temperature is even through out with out a fan.

    The thermostat location should be 4.5' off the floor and located in the coolest room and not in a unconditioned hall way. Or under a single return.

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    Thanks for the reply's. The contractor wanted to put a sensor higher up the wall connected to the thermostat at an accessible point. He is a general contractor who has built large (8000 sq. ft. +) homes. The problem project he referred to was forced air. No radiant.

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    Possile airflow problems,in the design and placement of supplies.

    What was the problem with "heating " the rooms?

    Rasing the stat would cycle it sooner,and the occupied space might not be in set point at that time.

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    the average person wants to comfortable where they are not worried about the temp of thr air above them

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