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Thread: Gallbladder?

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    For years I have had pain on my right side under the rib cage. Just figured it was an injury that keeps flaring up from working out.
    Had lots of test done everything always came back fine so I just live with it…

    Most recently I have liver enzymes (blood work) that gets elevated then go back down, and they are now suspecting my gallbladder? Will get test results back from a hida scan I had done on Thursday.

    What the hell does the gallbladder do? Anybody ever have that removed?
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    Gallbladder stores bile made by the liver. Bile breaks down fat and whatever. If it acting up, get it out before it ruptures, that would be very bad if it gets into the blood stream.
    You can easily live without a gallbladder, you will have to watch your diet and fat intake and all, but overall your life will go on as usual. Like I said, take action before it ruptures.
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    I agree, get it out if you can.. My dad was having trouble about 5 years ago, Test here and there said there was nothing wrong.. There was a few times I thought he wouldn't make it!

    He went to Mayo, and the Drs did some test, said it was fine. but they felt it was the gallbladder, he had it removed, and he is feeling MUCH better! No meds or shot is needed.. Just take care of what you eat.

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