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    Who is playing?
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!

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    I don't isn't Pittsburgh.
    Get back to work.

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    Coastal Georgia
    Jacksonville looks like they have done a good job with the game. Some ESPN writer was hard on the town, I think his name was Simmons. Tried to make out like the town was not worthy. Hell, Jax is world famous for the Georgia/Florida, Gator Bowl game and one of the largest tournaments in Golf the TPC.

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    Not to mention how beutiful an area it is. Just to the the North along the coastal where your at James which is awesome, but just to the south coastal area as well. And absulutely, the TPC at Sawgrass is the most incredible golf course I have ever seen. That area right around there. At A1A and JTB, at Jax Beach, them's my old stomping grounds. When I was stationed at Fort Stewart, my time off, I was either on Hilton Head, Jekyll, St Simons, or in Jax Beach. Loved the area. Absolutely loved it. Jacksonville is a great town. Out on the beach communities anyway. I thought Downtown was a little slummy but I bet they cleaned that up by the time the Superbowl got there.

    It's coming here next year. Thats a going to be a dabacle. Half of what was suppose to be done, proposed to be done or what ever, never got done, or never even got off the ground here in Detroit. It's going to be embarrassing.

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    "Punctuation and capitalization is the difference between: Helping your Uncle, Jack, off a horse. And: helping your uncle jack off a horse"
    If Mexicans will do the jobs Americans won't do, will they secure our borders?

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    I don't know the names of the team & I don't care.

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