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    I have a dryer vent going through the attic and venting out the side wall. The attic is insulated to R40 and the pipe is insulated to R12. Rigid steel pipe was used(4 in) and there is one 45 elbow but I am getting water coming out the vent outside and back into the dryer. The total pipe run is 20ft. The outside vent is caulked and spray foamed. Any suggestions on how to eliminate this moisture problem.

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    you might need to get a dryer with a high velocity output for the vent. code around here is 25' max length with each 90 degree elbow counting as 5'. if you have to go farther, than the high velocity is needed. if it goes up, maybe you could re-run it so it goes down and across the basement or crawlspace if you have one. or possibly get some metal tape and tape all the joints real well and angle it adown to the outside so the condensation will run out instead of back to the dryer. all the metal tape will do is help prevent the joints from leaking. best bet though is to go down with it

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    You should know by now that wet clothes in a dryer will produce mosture.
    simple salution hang
    you wet clothes on a line tell dry then put into the dryer
    I dont know man The water is collecting on the sides of yhe pipe and the fan isnt strong enough to blow it out the top.
    Going under the house is the best way to go if you can.
    If you could cool the air,pipe before it goes up maybe that would work
    I use a water baffle the hose from dryer comes out goes into a water baffle then the hot air helps heat my house in the winter the water collects the lent. In the summer I hoke the pipe to my out side vent workes good


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