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    ...and just as I thought, it comes out to 2.5 tons if I change nothing about the place.
    I had this plan in mind to put in a 2.5 ton Trane XL19i, split the place into 2 zones, Therma-Stor Ultra-Air unit, etc.

    The only thing is, I planed on having R-38 insulation blown in, using R-8 insulation on the new duct system, replacing my single pane metal windows with double pane inert gas filled vynal frame low E windows, replacing 2 sliding glass doors with french doors, installing a storm door at the entry and sealing the building envelop as tight as I can.

    Redid the load calc and if I do all that, my 1100 sq ft duplex will only have an 10,000 BTU sensable load on a 100 degree day with a 75 degree indoor temperature and 50% RH.

    So much for my plans for a fancy high tech HVAC system!

    Considdering I'll be doing everything but blowing in the insulation myself, what do you think would be less expensive over a 10 year period?

    A) Doing all of the work on the house to make it efficient as possible and installing a 1 ton Trane XB10 heat pump with a standard air handler (varriable speed air handler with this outdoor unit has something like a 90/10 sensable/latent ratio, so is a no go)


    B) Don't use as fancy of windows, blow in less insulation, be less picky about sealing up the building envelop and installing a 2 ton Trane XL16i heat pump with varriable speed air handler.

    HVAC equipment for A or B would cost me below normal wholesale since it is for my own house.
    Cost of IAQ equipment would be the same regardless.
    Option B would be less work for me.
    Option B would have a 10 year parts and labor warranty, so if anything broke, I would be getting paid to work on my own system.
    I don't think there would be a significant difference in utilities.

    Hmmm, seems I have talked myself into option B while I was typing this!

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    I have 1000 sq ft, 2 ton pump backed up by oversized XV80. The HP does super, I keep it 68 in the summer and with Comfort R turned on, humidity runs in the lower 50s. Haven't rigged up dehum on demand, haven't felt I needed it. Probably would if I kept it warmer. Manual J was 1.5 tons but since I like it so cold, I wanted to stay 2. This place has R38 ceiling, R13 walls, very tight windows.

    I'd say seal the sucker up and put in a small unit. 1.5 ton XR on VS air handler wouldn't be bad. I don't care for the XB units. From what I've read about the reliability of the 19i, I wouldn't touch it and would go the 16i for high end.

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    without being too technical and granted you mentioned time, pay now or pay later? what are your long term plans for the house? from there you deside which upgrades will be worth the work for you. i.e. projected payback.

    bills later?
    or equipment and home inprovements with lower bills?

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    I'm with you on the XB units, I don't like them at all, and we don't sell them ever. I just had it as an option because it is the only 1 ton heat pump Trane makes.

    I think the problems with the XL19i heat pumps have only been in very cold areas, like where it stays below 25ish degreese a lot. We havn't had any problems at all with them, but being a 2 man shop, we don't have just a ton of them out there...

    If I tried to keep my house 68 in the summer like you do, I think I would get sick, lol.
    Hell, when I get home from working in 100+ outdoor temperatures and 140+ degree attics all day, 80 degreese in my house feels cold to me. I just have to keep the humidity knocked down, wich is what the Therma-Stor unit is for.
    If more government is the answer, then it's a really stupid question.

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    Same here in Va. 2 ton in 1000 ft-ish house, keep it set on 68 and on hot days maintains 45-50% in house.
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