BaldLoonie, Thanks for the photos, I do plan to talk about perhaps Celulose insullation, my contractor and others have said it could add to the insullation bill quite a bit but, hey, I'll probably get a bid, I have read good things about it.

I dont think the Nashville area is anywhere as harsh as many other parts of the country, and I think we are addressing things like windows and sealing the house..

That is Good info on the newer heat pumps, the house were in now is just 6 years old, it has a trane 1200Xl dual fuel system, were in a 2300 sq ft home and when it gets in the low 40's it gets pretty chily for us (remember, were from Southern California). I'm going to do more research, I am going to get mutilple bids for various options...

I sure would like to just go with out the dual fuel unit but I'm not sure if we will get the heat we will look for coming from a "GAS" heated home out west, it's quite different from the Heat Pumps.

Thanks again for any help you folks can give.