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    Standby pay is $15/weekday, $25/weekend day.
    We are typically on call 2 to 3 days a week with only one day being a weekend day. Sometimes no weekends. Depends on the calendar that month.
    2 techs are on call at once for seperate areas for oil service.
    1 tech for propane service.
    1 driver is on call for any automatic delivery runouts. With a goal of delivery within 2 hours maximum. We don't chase after "will call" delivery customers after hours.
    If "will call" customers runout then there is a service charge to come out after hours.

    For service and delivery if we get one call without another one lined up after it we get a minimum of 2 hours at (time and 1/2), including holidays and Sundays or any day of the week.
    Standby on holidays are $50/day.
    If the time exceeds 2 hours door to door we get paid time and 1/2 for all time used, door to door. Doesn't matter if its holiday, Sundays or any day of the week.
    The customer if not covered under service contract pays a minimum of $200 after regular work hours not including parts. This includes travel and 1 hour minimum labor. After 1 hour the cost goes up $25/15 minutes.
    We don't service customers who don't buy oil or propane from us.
    The only time we collect money is if they are on credit hold and it usually gets pretty expensive if they owe a lot. There's no haggling over money, pay up or get someone else. There is always a manager on call. And we have a list of deadbeats. I call the manager and find out what he wants to do. Its a good way to cover your butt and collect a lot of unpaid money.
    Oh yeah, mostly residential with some commercial accounts.

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    No Bonus.1.5x door to door.anything over 8 on sat or anytime sunday or holidays are doubletime.On a rotate schedule that ends up being 4 or 5 days a month.We have the option of running any non emergency calls.resi,lt comm,refr...Union in Ohio.
    Go RCR!

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