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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Her dad passed away on Thursday morning. After a 2 month ordeal and at the ripe age of 81. He was here in Pitt when he died and we were with him. When the doctors rushed in with paddles and all to try to get him back I said not to. He had so many problems, too many. It would have only delayed the inevitable for a very short time anyway, better to go in dignity and less suffering. It was tough. It was time. He was a WWII vet who served under Patton. A large man, retired school teacher and principal known affectionately as the Polish hammer, he greatly influenced many young people and set quite a few on the straight and narrow. After his students graduated, many returned to the school to thank him. He was the most stubborn man I ever met and the most generous. When I first started dating his oldest daughter some 35 years ago I was afraid of him.
    In time, I felt like the son he never had. I hope I lived up to his expectations. I feel I did. He loved his grandkids and was very proud of all of them.
    My own parents have been gone for some time now, the cycle of life, the way things are, make the best of it while you are here. A final salute.
    I do not usually read this type of post, but I must say this one the most moving post that I read on this site. I am sure he is proud of you now!

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    The good ones are going away.

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    Sorry to hear that Dice, my own Dad is the same age, I have been preparing for that call, best wishes for you and the family.

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    That's too bad Diceman, my sympathies. It will not be easy but at least he had a long full life. I liked Rob10's post,
    Originally posted by rob10
    Both of my parents are nearly 80 and I know each day that they are here is a gift.
    I too have both parents in their 80's and my wife's parents too.

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    Sorry to hear of your loss, may God bless and protect you and family.
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    My heartfelt condolensces.

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    Dice; My heart felt condolences, my father passed away this summer (81) it's not easy to deal with. It's funny some of the memories that come back to you, things that you haven't thought of in 20,30,or even 50 years. We all sat around and told story after story alot of tears and laughs, that helps an awful lot.

    Best wishes, VMC1161
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    I am also sorry for your loss.

    But you know truly. That, when you can sit back and reflect on a mans life in such the way you have described, it must make it somewhat easier to manage the pain of loss. He sounded like an absolute gem of a man. A real man. A man that touched numerous other lives. There is dignity and honor in that with an unspeakable measure. And although the emotional pain of loss is there with you guys, it's got to be something to also reflect back with pride, that her old man was a great man. The cycle of life is always present. Make it count.

    Dice, your wife is a lucky woman to have had a man in her life such as her dad, but I got to tell you, your a class act as well. I wish you both my deepest sympathy's.

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    Our condolences..To Mr/Mrs Dice family as well.

    He made have gone home,but you always be reminded of him from and thru some of the reaction and looks that the kids will give you.gone but never forgotten.

    You sure are a class act there Dice.The torch has been pass and I'm sure you will do well.

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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Ya know Jack, funny thing, one dies and another is born, the circle of life.
    Thats why I'm trying so hard cut back/quit the stuff that was surely killing me- smokes and alcohol. I want to be an excellent Grandad!

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    I have been exercising almost every day, and that kinda sucks at first, and eating healthy. I am down around 200lbs now and even feel better, It gets a little easier every day.
    Great job on the smoking, that is without a doubt one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Having a beer on occasion is actually healthy, not getting pounded every day I mean. When I hear about guys dying in their 40's and 50's and even 60's it really makes ya think. When you were real young you thought that was old, different story now.

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    Sorry Dice what a sad loss prayers and condolence from the bear family. What a hard decision it really takes a lot to make it even when you know it is best thankfully you had what it takes to do it . I hope your wife is well and with your help and time can deal with this great loss.
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    glad He's at rest

    he was part of the generation that saved the world for all of us .

    he'll be in my prayers tonight

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